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General XASecuflex

XASecuflex is virus protection software developed to offer individuals with thorough protection against viruses 24/7. The software has a user-friendly interface which provides control to non-technical users.

Antivirus software assists to prevent computer against worms, Trojans, viruses, horses and other unwanted threats that make the computer slow. These viruses, worms and malware perform malicious activities such as accessing personal data, deleting files, or using a computer to attack other PC’s. So, to prevent your computer from malicious virus, install XASecuFlex Antivirus. This software ensures to protect the computer from virus threats.

XASecuflex Antivirus offers complete online protection against unknown threats. Some of the common risks include viruses, worms, Trojans, rootkits, and spyware. XASecuflex antivirus provides active protection against all threats. XASecuflex user can start scan manually by selecting quick, deep or custom scan. Moreover, this antivirus has an integrated feature which cleans browser history as well as local history. The file shredder provides safe removal of files, which includes critical information. Additionally, the startup manager allows the user to choose which applications can run on computer startup.

XASecuflex antivirus runs in the background of your PC and protects your device actively. After it detects a threat, it reports quarantine, or block malware. It does not have any impact on computer resources and can be utilized alongside other software.

The installation of this antivirus software is much accessible. You can download the software from our website and start the installation, which can guide you through the procedure.

XASecuflex antivirus software trial version is available. This trial version allows scanning of the file, but real-time protection is not enabled. The trial period is of 7 days after which you can buy a premium version and unlock additional features. You can buy a license for single device only.

The activation code is shown on the post-purchase screen where you can copy and paste in the software. This activation key is also sent through the message on verified email.

When software shows the home screen with some results under the status tab in the lower screen of XASecuflex antivirus is a button “Register now”. Click on register now button and software will open license window.

If you have a license key, then fill the form with first name, last name and email through which you can get notifications, license number key you received. After you have filled details, click on the “Activate” button below the form. You will get the confirmation. To continue using this software exit window by clicking on the cross button available on the upper right corner.

In the bottom screen of XASecuflex software click “Help” in the drop down menu which displays with submenu “License information”.

No, now XASecuflex software is not available for the mobile version. But, shortly, we will be providing it for mobile too.

XASecuflex, antivirus software can block several viruses such as Trojans, boot sector, direct action, polymorphic, multipartite, overwrite, file infectors, spacefiller virus, macro, resident, rootkit and other viruses which affects your PC.

Yes, XASecuflex antivirus software works for every window like 7,8,10.

Yes, XASecuflex antivirus software can speed up the system and provide high performance of PC.

Yes, XASecuflex antivirus software is highly reliable and safeguards PC from all viruses, malware, ransomware, Trojans and others.

If you are facing any technical issues in using XASecuflex software then, you can contact our support team through chat, call or email us at

XASecuflex antivirus license is only for a single PC or laptop. To take more than one key or bulk discount version, then contact us directly through email at

It might be possible that you are using a free version. To clean digital footprints and maintain safe status, you require a premium version.

The reinstallation of XASecuflex does not provide a free version. Once the trial period is over, license expires. So, to use this software continuously, you need to upgrade the premium version.

If the trial version of XASecuflex is over, then you can buy its premium version, which is of $9.99.

There are various features offered by XASecuflex antivirus. Some of them are:

  • 24*7 Safeguard
  • Virus Detection
  • Vigorous Protection
  • Eliminates Threats
  • Real-Time Protection
  • Deep Threat Scanning
  • Schedule Scans
  • Ransomware Protection

If you are using the free version of XASecuflex software, then you will get limited features of this antivirus to use. But, if you are using its premium version, then you can unlock unlimited features of the software.

XASecuflex virus protection software can protect only one PC at a time.

If you are not satisfied by using XASecuflex software, then you can take a complete refund which you paid for the software. For more, please refer to refund policy (Refund policy page link) given on the website.


XA Troop is a Computer privacy protection application which provides maximum privacy protection set of tools to its users– all combined in a way that will allow the non-technical users to maintain a privacy-protected computer.

99% of the home clients that keep up online action, be it social (Facebook, MySpace and so on) or proficient (Skype talks, Messenger messages) leave their traces of that movement on their computer. These traces called Digital Footprints and are an easy way into your computer for all privacy hackers and identity thieves, and some other malicious programs and threads. Therefore it is recommended by professionals to keep your private data private. You should be the only one to know where you have surfed online and your login credentials.

XA Troop provides deep scan and analysis service, as well as a cleaning and protection service. The scan feature will provide you with a detailed analysis of your privacy exposure status, and the cleaning function will clean all chosen digital footprints from your PC.

XA Troop Free version provides options for a free scan analyze and report process, and a paid full version that provides the deep clean and full protection service.

1. Download XA Troop. If prompted by the browser, click on the download confirmation.

2. After the download is complete, click on the downloaded file shortcut

3. Confirm the installation process by clicking on the “Yes” button.

4. Click on the “Install” button and let the installation process run its course.

5. After XA Troop installs on your computer, the program will open after it finishes loading.

6. You are all DONE! XA Troop will begin scanning automatically and report back with all relevant issues and concerns to your private information.

At any point in time you wish to remove our application, you can easily uninstall it from your computer: ` Click Start in the lower left corner of your screen From the Programs menu, select XA Troop. Select Uninstall. Follow the on-screen prompts until finished.

The XA Troop software provides several security features that are designed to give the most specific data protection services. These include – The XA Troop software offers several security features that are designed to provide the most particular data protection services. These include Automatic Malicious thread and process blocking Saved login credential removable Pop-up blocking Protection against malicious software and program

Providing the best customer support experience is our primary goal. Customers and users of the XA Troop product can reach out to us through the “contact us” page in XA Troop’s website. Else, you can email us at

XA Troop is simple and easy to use software. All you need to do is buy the software from XA Technologies website and enter the activation code you have received into the activation box as detailed below: 1. Click on the Run Now Button. You will be taken through a registration process and in the meantime, XA Troop will pop an activation code input prompt. 2. Complete the Run Process A quick and easy to complete the Run process! 3. Copy & Paste the activation code into the activation box Copy the activation code you have received into the activation box and click on the Activate button to complete the activation process.

XA Troop will go through all exposed files and information on your computer and provide you with a full report of all the data. Once reported, these files and records can be deleted from the system, or even altered in case you want to replace records with some misleading or false information.

XA Troop will prompt you for deletion confirmation before the actual delete. However, you should be aware that once confirmed; those deleted files cannot be restored.

XA Troop protects one PC at a time. You can purchase our software directly from website and keep digital data safe.

At any point in time you wish to remove our application, you can easily uninstall it from your computer: Click Start at the lower left corner of your screen Click in the “Control Panel” menu button Choose Programs/Uninstall a Software Mark XA Troop under the applications list Choose Uninstall

It is most likely that you are using the free version of the software. To clean your digital footprints and maintain a safe status, you need to upgrade your version to the latest premium version here.

Users of the XA troop security software can contact customer care through a chat window available on contact us page or can send us an email on and resolve any queries regarding the software that they may be facing.

To download the trial version of our software, you need to go to the product page XA Troop and XASecuflex respectively. By going on the product pages, you can directly download trial version.

The free version of XA Troop software has limited features which can help you to protect from identity. But, taking the premium version of XA Troop will help you to unlock unlimited features for your PC protection.

The price of XA Troop, digital identity theft protection software is $7.99 per month.

Several kinds of digital thefts can be blocked with the use of XA Troop software which is
• Bank Account Numbers
• Driving License Information
• Passport and National Insurance Numbers
• Postal Addresses
• Browsing History
• Cache
• Chat History

If you are facing any technical issues in using XA Troop software, then you can directly reach to us through email at

If you are satisfied with the feature of XA Troop after using it then, you can contact us through chat, email, or call given on contact us page.

Some of the things performed by XA Troop software to prevent PC from online scams are:
• Delete all the history
• Sandbox
• Remove the username and password
• Offer real-time protection
• Scan for the threats
• Remove all cookies
• Schedule cleaning


At XA Technologies, we have made it easy for you to update your information by getting in touch with us via email at

If you have forgotten your username or password, then you can click on forget your password or forget your username. After that, you need to enter your registered email where you will get the link for setting up a new password which will expire after 24 hours due to security purpose.
Follow the guidelines given below if you are creating a new password:
• Include one capital letter
• Include one lowercase letter
• Include at least one number between 1 and 9
We do not need any unique character for a password, but still, we recommend including one. Secure your password and do not share it with anyone.
Else if you have not received an email with the link within some time, here are some steps to follow:
• Check junk or spam folder of your email
• Try to use your username instead of email to request password
• If several members share an email address, still each has a unique username.
• You can request username if you have forgotten
If you are still facing the same issue, then get in touch with us at

At present, we do not have any mobile application until now. Later on, we will be provided with the app too.

If you face any of technical issues, you can contact our representatives via mail at or chat with us. Our expert team is available to answer your queries.

Issues for troubleshooting can be challenging. If your connection does not work prior of taking action, then undo action to restore connection.
Still, if your connection not working then below are some issues:
1. Check router/modem – Try to disable firewall if it is on from the admin panel.
2. Check internet connection settings – Reset settings of your internet connection
3. Your VPN – Uninstall application temporarily


Get in touch via email if you don’t want to renew your service. Else you can chat with us or call on the given number in Contact Us Page.

You can update your credit card information by getting in touch with us via email or else you can call us.

If you think that your bill is incorrectly generated please contact us via email at When you email us, make sure to include the following information:
• Expected Amount
• Actual Amount
• Name of member charged incorrectly


If your desktop screen shows an alert option for you to select “YES, this was me” or “NO, this was not me”, you are required to take action. If you initiated activity, then click on “YES, this was me” else “NO, this was not me”. After you chose an option, we will send you an email to make you update about the activity. If you click NO, we will check the situation and let you know complete details.

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